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Live Technique Classes

Enjoy our group beginner and drills classes each week at Karavan Studio and even live virtually from anywhere around the world!

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Our Group Technique Classes

At Karavan Studio, we have an array of group beginner and drills classes to easily meet your schedule.

Each class is based upon 1 hour of instruction, with Beginner classes at $10.00/hour, and all other classes at $12.50/hour.

Purchase your Karavan Account Card for the total of your choice and it will be decreased for the amount of each class attended.

As always, you are welcome to load up your Karavan Account Card at any time and easily contact Karen for your account balance. 

All classes will be available virtually!

In your confirmation email for your class you will receive your own personal "key" to the online studio, as well as links to save the dates to your calendar, and instructions for being included in the live studio rotation.

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Group Beginner

Belly Dance Classes

Our beginner classes introduce you to the basic isolations and shapes that make up the foundation of Middle Eastern Dance.

Each class will teach a short dance combination for practice with sequencing and transition.

  • Sundays with Karen at 6:00pm
  • Saturdays with Karen at 11:00am

Group Intermediate and

Advanced Drills Classes

During these classes, we work on layering, traveling, endurance, coordination, stamina, etc.

The level of the class will be tweaked up or down depending on who walks through the door.  

It is difficult -- if not impossible -- to become a good dancer by learning choreography after choreography while excluding this type of practice.

  • Tuesdays with Karen at 7:15pm (Int / Adv)
  • Fridays with Karen at 12:30pm (Int / Adv)
  • Saturdays with Karen at 12:30pm (Int / Adv)

Refund Policy

There are no refunds once payment is made for loading a Karavan Account Card, purchasing online/live classes, or subscribing to Karavan Online. If you wish to cancel your Karavan Online subscription, please contact [email protected]

Interested in private lessons?

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